Text Box:                                  TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR TESTING          

Danish Enterprises, Laboratory Test Reports are subject to these terms and conditions: 

The Sample submitted for testing should be accompanied by a letter specifying the tests required.
The Sample should be of required / appropriate size, with complete identification marks and other relevant information.
The results are normally delivered after 3 to 4 days on the submission of samples, which may be extended further under conditions beyond control. 
Urgent testing are undertaken on payment of 50% additional charges of the normal fees. Results of urgent testing are delivered on the 2nd or 3rd working day, depending on the nature and the number of tests involved. 
Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the Laboratory will discard all test samples after 10 days and all Test Reports after 1 month of testing.
The findings and results in Report apply only to the specific sample(s) submitted to us by the Client for testing using the specified method. Laboratory assumes no responsibility for variations.
Payments are to be made at the time of submission of samples.
Testing Charges for tests not indicated in the Schedule will be quoted on request.
The Charges for sending the report by courier service, Fax Charges (Outside Karachi), and issuing extra reports will be levied on the client.
A working day normally commences from 9 A.M. The sample received after 3 P.M. will be retained as submission on the following day. Sundays or Public holidays are not working days.
No report / result will be communicated on phone or through Fax, unless full payment is made.
The comments or opinion on the test report will be expressed on payment of the extra charges.
The Professional Visit of the Laboratory Staff on behalf of client will be charged as discretion of the management.
Danish Enterprises reserve the right to revise the rates without notice.


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